Getting coffee in germany

I may have gotten quite deep into coffee in the last year.

And thus I had a problem: Given that my information is mostly from english-speaking regions, when I’m lucky from the UK, and when I’m unlucky from the USA. Most shops and suppliers that are talked about there are at best impractical here, so what do I do? As an aside, I try to avoid amazon if possible, so the easy options there are out.

This is my little collection of tips and shops that I found useful so far.

First, your city may have local roasters and coffee shops that sell coffee beans and equipments! I found some locally and now have “my own” roaster from whom I get most of my coffee.

If you know me and you are interested, feel free to ask which roasters and cafĂ©’s I’ve been to!

Given that I want to avoid amazon, I had to relearn a bit how to find things On The Internet. Funnily enough I found quite helpful. I can sometimes find shops there that are difficult to find using regular search, and they let you search by product name.

To find local specialty cafés I found to be quite helpful, they listed a few cafés that I did not find via searching and have some pictures of the cafés they list.

Shops that deliver using DHL (because “Packstationen”):

Oh, and if you want certain Timemore products (like their scale), you may be better off using rather than amazon. I ordered my scale there for half the price that was shown on amazon. It took a few weeks, but arrived without issue.

And that’s it, so far! I’ll update this when I find new interesting things.

(Last updated: 2021-11-03.)