Cooking without a stove

I recently moved to new flat, and didn’t (and still don’t) have a full kitchen for a week. What I did have was a simple water cooker and a mixer. As it turns out, you can cook delicious things with them, you just have to kinda know what kind of recipes to look for.

In short, vegan and raw. At least, that’s how I ditched eating out (which I can’t afford doing more than maybe twice a month at most), and “cooked” neat things.

So, here is my current bag of tricks:

And if you have a fridge (which I finally have), you can make fancy cakes, deserts, …

My favourite recipes so far (german):

I continue to use just-add-boiling-water type meals sometimes, but I am much happier since I discovered I can still cook fancy things without a kitchen.

Oh, and I am also planning on making some raw vegan cakes & cookies. Very curious how they will turn out. I might make some of the following: