A few notes on coffee making

So I’ve been making fancy coffee for a little more than a year two years (?!) now, here are some quick tips and tricks I’ve learned.

Quick note: These are my experiences and are what I enjoy, written more opinionated than I actually am. Please do ignore me if your experience does not match up! If someone tells you they know how things are and you are doing things wrong – they are likely wrong and probably not fun to be around!

Timing is everything!

Timing! After months, this one really helps me.

Sod the snobs

Some things I am doing:

Over time I’ve discovered that when I make espresso + mjölk things I usually don’t need sugar. With filter (+ mjölk) I usually want sugar, but sometimes less.

Keep at it

Have fun

That’s what makes it enjoyable for me, and keeps me making elaborate coffee things. Having these odd coffees with friends is also really fun for me, because they tell me fun things about what the coffee tastes like, often much more interesting things than I can taste.

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